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  • U.S. Military Campgrounds Directory Software Information!

    U.S. Military Campgrounds Directory Software Information!

    This website is provided free to fellow servicemen and women who enjoy traveling and camping. To help support this website, I encourage you to try the FREE 7-day trial and purchase a subscription to the U.S. Military Campgrounds Directory software (Microsoft Windows only). The U.S. Military Campgrounds Directory is a computer software program with the same information found on this web site. However, NO Internet connection is required. You can now take the most current and complete information available on U.S. Military Campgrounds with you. Read More
  • Authorized Users of Military Campgrounds

    Authorized Users of Military Campgrounds

    I've received many inquires asking "... am I allowed to use US Military Campgrounds?" These are usually from veterans who served a few years and have an honorable discharge. Sometimes it's from a retired civil service employee who worked for the Army, Navy, or USAF for 30+ years. Many inquiries are from veterans. There's also been a lot of discussion on the various news groups about the 100% DAV authorized use issue. I attempted to do a little research and clear all of these issues up. The following are my findings. Being an honorably discharged vet is not authorized, unless there is another circumstance that does authorize the veteran. Read More
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