The following review was written and submitted in early March 2023 by website user Dede.

We have stayed at Maxwell AFB FamCamp more than ½ dozen times. We have family in the area, and Montgomery is a convenient stop. Hours 8-5 M-F. The manager is always out of his office. The primary excuses are always the same. He is in a meeting and will be in later this afternoon. He seldom makes an appearance. It is self-serve if you arrive on the weekend or after 5:00 pm. The buildings are deteriorating; steps have rotted away on the clubhouse, and shower, laundry building. Yellow tape is the primary color of choice. Homesteaders have taken over the primary section of camp. Our TDY students have priority, but it has gotten out of hand. Trash everywhere; most are taking advantage of the BHA Basic Housing Allowance. Why get a house? You get water and electricity-free; why not pocket that  $600 to $800 and live in a run-down RV trailer? There is a fine line between an RV park and a trailer park. There is no cable or WIFI.

 Maxwell Broken Ramp  Maxwell_Broken_Ramp2.webp  Maxwell_Broken_Ramp3.webp


There are two beautiful ponds. There is nothing to rent, no paddle boats, kayaks, or life jackets to rent. Grounds are unkept, and potholes and low-hanging trees are common. The excuses are always the same year after year. We don’t have the help. There are several people maintaining the golf course and surrounding areas. We had an incident of celebratory gunfire in spring of 2022. Unfortunately, no camp host to address our concerns. FamCamp guest call 911.  Military police arrived 40 minutes after the incident and informed the FamCamp guest to stay inside our coaches if a party was happening in the events center. No contact or Military Police numbers were posted or instruction if an emergency were to occur.

The grounds are unkept and repairs are few. On our last visit, I found a toilet needing repair. I brought it to the attention of the manager. He dismissed the information and said it would be okay to leave it alone,. A simple trip to Home Depot to fix the issue with a new handle.

We are seeing a price increase at every FamCamp. This FamCamp has nothing to offer. Management is never onsite; the excuses are many. I have reviewed military Fam Camps throughout the US. With each visit, I ask the same questions. When will we see improvement? Each answer is the same, the manager refers every excuse as the base commander’s fault. We all know our FamCamp are a cash cow, especially one with a golf course. It’s time to return some of that money to the FamCamp parks. I have several photographs taken through the years if needed. I am a retired photojournalist and have traveled to more than 100 FamCamps throughout the US.

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