Subscription BadgeAdvertisements on the website are a necessary evil. I don't like them either. However, this website is privately operated and relies on the support of users to continue to operate and improve. I don't get any support from the various U.S. Military branches, or the Department of Defense. Advertisements are a major source of support for the website. When a website user visits an advertiser, a little revenue is generated for website operations.

I recently started offering "Website Support Subscriptions". These are optional subscription plans to help support the operations of the website. As a "Thank You" to subscribers, all 3rd party advertisements are removed from the website during the users subscription period. Website Subscriptions are available in monthly, semi-annual, and annual plans.

Since starting the website over 17 years ago, one of my goals has been to keep the website free for everyone to use. The website remains free, but with advertisements. With a website subscription, the advertisements are removed.

Thank you for your support!

You can review the various subscription plans here.