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3.7 15
Texas 55242
January 2023
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Our first time here. Two nights just to check it out for the weekend, as part of longer trip. Rustic as others have mentioned. They are now constructing a very large expansion adjacent to the existing park. No idea of the rates will go up from the existing $25/night. Current shower facility consisting of just 2 unisex rooms were clean. They have a few sites reserved for short term and a larger term only for long term. This arrangement makes a lot of sense. There is a "community center room" in the adjacent auto skills shop; but not available on the weekend. As mentioned in other reviews, the gym, library, commissary and exchange are very close. All are small and it is likely the off-station commercial places might offer more of what you need. Totally quiet on the weekend. Seems all is deserted. Restful and you can get TV from Corpus Christi. Definitely a good enough stop on the way to somewhere, but not sure if it's the best destination location for a long period of time. I was told $425/month, so that may be good reason to stay.
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