Homesteaders...don't we just love them...

6 years 11 months ago #16124 by DILLIGAFF
BlueNova I'll give you my opinion but that won't be the norm:
1. Do you think full time RVing is appropriate for any American? Full time RVing is a lifestyle, just like living off the grid, it's a choice.
2. Do you think full time RVing is appropriate for active duty military? Again this is a lifestyle choice by the AD person.
2a. Would your opinion change if all bases enforced strict anti-homesteading policies? In effect, active duty/contractor full-timers would have to use commercial facilities which are intended for homesteading. I believe that all military installations should not have homesteading. There should be time limits on your stay. Should you need to stay longer than that then buy property and homestead it up.
3. Do you think full time RVing is appropriate for families with children? Sure. I think there should be enough room for the kids. I don't see 10 kids living in a 24' RV is appropriate but then again I think the largest base housing available is 4 bed 2 baths.
3a. Would your opinion change if rooms separated children of opposite gender? No.
3b. Would your opinion change if one of the parents was a certified teacher homeschooling the children? No.
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6 years 11 months ago #16127 by Swim-bike-run-1

Cdr_Cody wrote: I just returned from a trip to Sigsbee, Mayport and Kings Bay. I took time at Sigsbee to talk bout their occupancy, reservation and rotation policies with the office personnel while there. The currently have 50-60 Active Duty and civilian base employees living in the RV Park full-time (i.e. homesteaders). From May to October they occupy over 50% of the available FHU sites. MWR is also required to keep 8 site available for Active Duty and other short term (less than 14 days) vacationers. I was there for 7 days but could not get one of these sites because they are really reserved for Active Duty only, so 6 of them sat empty for the 7 days we were there even though there were people dry camping in overflow. What I didn't understand was why Active Duty personnel were in the RV park when base housing was not 100% occupied. Are the rules different now that subcontractors run base housing? All I got out of the discussion was the retiree travelers are not 2nd but 3rd class citizens as far as base commanders and MWR are concerned.

Dawn (campground manager @ sigsbee) doesn't impress me, especially after her & husband outed themselves as being part of the childish local incrowd cool group aka base mafia playing favorates and discriminating those they don't favor.

You were actually done wrong, rules weren't followed in your case or maybe you declined a pad? I say that as when I lived at sigsbee summer of 2015 (off season) sigsbee RVers were "off rotation"
The corruption was so bad the campground hosts jokedaround the campground they discouraged people who called ahead from coming with all kinds of bad intel cuz they didn't wanna go "on rotation" had people showed up wanting pads...which is how it works from my understanding, no rotation needed provided there isnt a person, list of persons wanting hookups.
Had you insisted you wanted a pad they've been obligated to clear a pad for you, cleared first the person (non active duty) who'd been squatting the longest on pad, then they'd rotated back on list but I'll speculate one of two things happened?

1-they didn't offer you a pad, or inform you of the rules nor did you read the rules so as to know better and took their lie as policy?

2-they told you, or you knew the rule and opted out from bumping someone off the pads and dry camped as you didn't want to be "that guy" whom whole campground would've hated as you'd been the one making the rotation rule go into effect?
When rotation goes into effect it's a nightmare as initial people bummed off pads climb back onto pads in a few days only to be bummed after two weeks.
Though this never seemingly happens due to in fall when you'd think it'd have to happen as season comes on, influx comes to town/base the opening of trumbo point annex dry camp prevents this due to so many summer squatters rotate off pads at sigsbee to trumbo annex for the non rotational squatters seasonal system.
No I don't think you did this I say it in snarkiness spirit of political correctness cuz I had to explain this...

Corruption at sigsbee never ceases to amaze me...btw the "sigsbee for newbs" needs a update...

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4 months 2 weeks ago #17943 by [email protected]
I use to love staying in the military rv parks! It is no longer going to be an option for me. The homesteaders have ruined this option for me. The DOD needs to limit stays to 30 days per year maximum in a park and strictly enforce the rules. A RV is not a mobile home and a RV park should not be a mobile home park. Those looking to live on site for 90 days or longer are limiting the ability of others wanting to use this benifit. They believe they are in charge and usually have a click making others feel unwelcomed. Please rethink the rules in all military parks! Make the parks available to all instead of just a few!
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