Richmond Family, MWR RV Park Rate Increase

6 years 3 months ago #16209 by floridakamper

The Roo wrote: I had heard that a handful of guys were taking that place over for the weekends of the Nascar races and this way it was available for their limited usage. Or at least that was the goal.

We're here all by our lonesome. The high price will discourage others from using this place but that seems an extreme measure to have it available for Nascar weekends. They do accept reservations. Not sure what that does, because they don't mark the sites and it's show up and take any available site.

Seems like a better course of action would be to lower the price, make the place more functional and straighten out the management/reservation system. Looks like they have the room to add more spots. Even without sewer at site, they should be able to generate a significant income for MWR being on the main North/South interstate.

There's only six sites. One is coned-off with some kind of problem. Two are pull throughs with water and electricity located in the normal spot. The other four are back-ins with the water and electricity near the road and they're not level. And they do not accept credit cards only cash or checks with a drop box in the campground. The gent in the office that I spoke to by phone indicated they get some deadbeats that stay and don't pay. The positive for us is that it's right off I-95 and close to friends we've served with.
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