Why would someone want to be a camp ground host?

3 years 10 months ago #17515 by iameric
besides the obvious answers above..
...living on base is quiet, men and women with guns walking the fence. It allows me to leave my wallet and keys on the dash of my truck and not think twice.

lastly,...What riot? What BLM "protesters" d-bag idiots looting! What revolt? We don't have that on base!
Yeah..now you are getting it. See you at the campfire enjoying the glow of safety and security as society is tearing itself a new one.
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1 year 5 days ago #17913 by akfiredog377
We have been acting host for two weeks now. Took the position as temp when asked by management due to the full-time host having to leave due to an emergency. It has not been a bad experience at all and have applied to take the position full time. The hours are easy. 1630-2100 M-F 0800-2100 weekends and holidays. Right now the CG is not too full, this is mostly a snowbird camp.

We been here since October and when the place was full, it was quiet. One of the best things about being on a military CG in the secured area, is the safety. You dont have the junk that goes on at other CG.

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