Why would someone want to be a camp ground host?

9 years 8 months ago - 9 years 8 months ago #13209 by Blackhawk

Why would someone would want to be a campground host ?

For a "free" (but not really free) space/stay?

But.....when you consider what you may be doing for a "free" space.... mmmm like:

- Is it worth one month's rent to put up with cry babies?
- In most cases have no backing from management/MWR?
- Have people knocking on your door day and night complaining?
- Not respecting "OFF DUTY" sign in front of your rig?
- Asking during OFF DUTY hours dumb questions that if they had read the info posted at the camp ground they would have the answer?
- Having to put up with rude people? (granted most of the campers on base are decent/nice)
- Having to tell Joe Blow ten times to don't dump on the ground, turn music down, shut mutt up, hold it down during quite hours, no generator running during certain hours, on and on... ?
- Having to defend the other host(s)? You know that host who retired as a E4 and wants to now be a E-9, or 06, as the host. Power crazy idiot. Who makes all the other hosts look bad. mmmm one of those at KW for sure.
- Having to tell dog owners to please pick up behind their mutt's behinds?
- Setteling disputes between campers. Seems some out there can not talk grown up to grown up and resolve issues without crying to the host, cops or base commander.
- In some camp grounds expected to clean the bath rooms.
- Cut grass and more

Monthly fees are not that much.

Now, on the plus side I can see....
- Do not have to rotate.
- Can stay beyond the "move out" date. (but someone needs to tell MRW at JAX NAS about the homesteaders there who ALWAYS exceed the 45 day limit...duhhh)
- Being able to help others and sharing your knowledge of the local area.
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9 years 6 months ago #13328 by eva35
Another question to ask, what do you expect from a host? Here are my options:
-If available, greet new arrivals with rules and information about the site and surrounding communities and lead them to their site (if designated).
-Enforce rules. If kids are not complying, tell parents to deal with them or suffer consequences.
-Ensure bath house is clean and stocked.
-Police the grounds.
-Organize activities for adults and children.
-Provide a bulletin board to post daily activities and a place for campers to communicate with other campers for info and assistance.
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9 years 4 months ago #13468 by Concerned Camper
My hats off to those whom choose to be camp host's. Without them things would not function well. I have never meet a camp host that really needs free rent. Most just want to make a difference and not be bored and help those who need help. I think its a great way to give something back to the folks you camp with. I will volunteer to be a camp host if I am ever in a location that needs one.

Just my thoughts,
Concerned Camper :)
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8 years 7 months ago #14092 by wrvond
I have considered hosting, as I am sure we all have at one time or another. My experiences with hosts and other campers have all been positive ones, which led me to believe it really wouldn't be that difficult. I would have thought that folks with a military background would have more respect for rules and such than the average Joe in public campgrounds. Additionally, it seems to me that the vast majority of military campers would (like myself) be older, retired folks, not really interested in late night parties and loud noises. It also seems to me that base security can and will escort trouble makers off the base.
Of course, I could be wrong about all that.
I guess a person (or couple) would become a camp host for the same reason they joined the military in the first place. After all, nobody joins to get rich, or for the snazzy clothes. And though I did enjoy many free cruises to exotic locations around the world, there were certainly easier ways to go about it than in the military! ;)
I've always appreciated the camp hosts. While there have been some camp grounds that I didn't have direct interaction with the hosts, I still appreciate the work they do maintaining the facilities, and try to leave my campsite as clean, or cleaner, than I found it.
Whatever their reasons for doing the job, I hope they keep at it.
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8 years 4 months ago #14516 by mkane
I started hosting last summer in NC. around 20 hours per week in exchange for my site. Now to the question why?
1) I'm not ready to completely retire yet, am only 58, and this gets me "out of the house."
2) Small investment of time in exchange for a site = no money paid to camp.
3) I enjoy meeting and talking to people.
4) it's fun!
5) Can't stand sitting around watching TV all day and not having to pay lot rent allows me to do things.

I've already got hosting positions set up for 13 of the next 14 months.
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8 years 4 months ago #14518 by greyhound73772
Thank you for being there for us. I just wish all the camp hosts had your attitude.

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