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5 years 2 months ago #16774 by highlander1954
Have been informed by the Fort Meade RV staff that anyone staying two consecutive 60 or 90 day periods can only reserve their next 60 or 90 days period five days out vice the 30 days that was in place three months ago. The staff could not give me a good reason but just that it was new policy. This is out right discrimination against those of us that elected to take a Geo-bachelor tour at Fort Meade. At the bare minimum Appears it appears to be their way to discourage any long term stays and cater only to vacationers. Does anyone else know anything about the origin or why the new policy?

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5 years 2 months ago #16777 by floridakamper
Replied by floridakamper on topic Fort Meade RV Park
If I was a Geo-bachelor with an RV, I might feel the same way you do. Especially if they changed the rules after I made my decision to live in an on-base campground. But I'm not and although I understand your point of view regarding living in a recreational campground, I don't share it.

Famcamps in my opinion are for recreational use and not trailer parks for long term residency. Many of us also feel active duty drawing housing allowances to live off-base are gaming the system by staying in an on-base campground.

I honestly wish you the best in finding quarters to complete your tour at Fort Meade.
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