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After beginning my career as a 0188 MWR Recreation Specialist and doing this work forward deployed all over the world, I was looking forward to my 
upcoming retirement and rv'ing on Mil CG sites.

I even joined my local Elks because most of the members are vets and I support their mission working with and raising funds for 
children's charities. but mostly because they have really nice golf courses and RV facilities, to give me more option where I do not have to RV with the public. 
 would encourage people to take a hard look at them. They only have one requirement. You must believe in God. And they do not specify what God or religion. 
They want to make sure you're not an immoral degenerate, I guess? Which I'm ok with. 

Anyway, we can all see the military changing before our eyes, and not the once great benefit for civilians is being in the cross hairs of being taken away. The first step is the CAC card being taken away 
in the name of the Congressional mandated REAL ID Act. The system as it was an excellent way to know who was accessing a Mil. base. No one other than retired civilians could get the CAC card by showing our retired 
SF 50. I know people would have no problems paying for it either. I'd pay for the administration to have it. Name you price, if reasonable. $25.00 a yr? 100 for 7 yrs. or 3 yrs whatever, instead they make us 
show up at an ID center (Unable to make an appt) and if open, go in show our 50 and register. if they're closed, which most do at 1500 on Fridays and you arrive for a weekend stay to get off the road and you're 10 minutes late, you are screwed. 
It's always been the policy to restrict civilians based on the CO stance. But never have I heard of a civilian retiree being denied access. Ever! Our service (My Service) and the sacrifices I made over the last 35 + yrs. to support our mil. operators in forward deployed War Zones is just as important IMHO. Am I surprised? No not in this climate where our military have been bastardized and turned into a social experiment and the hostile environment of Political Correctness. The alphabet groups now run the show and traditional thinking people are a threat to their scam. 

I checked out of the I give  sh=t category, after Nov. 2020. Can a new administration turn the ship around? Unlikely. The only salvation is a catastrophic event so large it will make 9-11 and pearl harbor together look like a 
summer picnic. And even that won't do it. I don't want this. So what do you do? Vote? Does it even count any longer? I'm not only jaded but by sarcasm isn't even enough to give me hope. I'm a refugee in my own State. (Washington) I don't recognize the alternate reality I am forced to endure until I make my move.
That's enough. 
Thanks for your patience with me. 
Former FunBoss USS John. C Stennis 2000-2003 

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