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So far, our experiences have been positive.

We stayed at Wright-Patterson AFB in August of 2020. Due to equipment problems, we got to the gate after the Visitor Center had closed and the guard passed us through with instructions to go to the Visitor Center when it was next open to check-in. No problems after that but my wife did have to check-in every day after we left the base.

Last June, we stayed at MacDill AFB, NAS Mayport, and Charleston AFB during a 3-week trip. All three of those bases gave my wife a pass that covered our entire trip so she didn't have to check back in whenever we left the base.

We have a reservation for MacDill this October. Hopefully, it will go as smooth as last year as we're supposed to be staying for the entire Winter.

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We made reservations at Little Creek JEB Fort Story campground, got to the base and were let in. Got to the campground, set up, went off base the next morning then went to register at the gate 3 office. I am a 70% disabled Vietnam Vet and a retired DOD Civil Service employee, bout of which give me access. I was allowed access, however they said my wife could not enter the base, so we had to take our camper off base. They pointed to SecNavInst 5500.35 as the directive for denying her access. I could find no reference to denying a spouse escorted access in the reg. Congress passes a law allowing us access and individual base security offices turn around and limit or deny that access. I contacted the Commander's office and the XO to over only to do nothing.

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Recently took my wife to get a new DOD ID Card as her old one had expired. I saw how different it looked from mine, old style similiar to what I had when I was active duty, and ask the clerk about it. She said that there is a new style card out. I asked her if I would have trouble getting onto bases with my old style card and she said I might. She checked my card and said I was eligible to receive the new style "Identification and Privilege Card" (CVN 8632), so I got it. It has new and improved security chip built in. Check with your local ID Card Office as you might want to replace your old card!
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