Base Access for Service Connected Veterans

1 year 2 months ago #17711 by [email protected]
The DAV access is a joke. We were turned away at a NAS that I had reservations at because they could not run a security check on the weekend plus the fact that my wife under no condition would be granted access.

So now I have access to the commissary as long as I go during whatever hours they decide and I leave my wife at the gate.
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4 months 2 days ago #17839 by JustSomeGuy
Quite late to this thread, but hopefully I can offer some insight.

Hello all, I am a medically retired veteran myself, and am currently working as a DACP for a military installation. I started here as a security guard right as this policy took place. It's very unfortunate the difficulty many of you are going through and I myself wish that it could be easier. In the policy that allows service-connected veterans access it also states after a favorable background check. It's very unclear, when I was a guard, I would make every veteran go and get one, and yes it would take a while depending on if others were at the pass house or not. Other guards I worked with from different shifts would sometimes just send them through or give them ridiculous pass lengths (5-10 years). So, I was always deemed the bad guard by veterans for following the policy. To this day there is no clear instruction from my chain of command, the individual who is supposed to be in charge of post access procedures has never corrected the guards that just allowed veterans to go (to my knowledge). My pass house is however open 24/7, which seems like it would appeal to most of you if more bases were. In short, it's a process, an unclear one, hopefully it will be hastened if enough people speak up.
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2 weeks 2 days ago #17881 by tlowe43q
New poster, here. I have a VA card for a service connected disability and we have stayed in several East Coast/southeastern military locations without issue, beyond many "no call backs". On Monday (after leaving a Friday PM message), I called Elizabeth City Lodging, a North Carolina Coast Guard installation. After being quizzed about my eligibility/status the lady asked if I "had anyone with me." On learning that I had a wife (shocking, I know!), I was informed that as a VA DAV card holder, I would NOT be able to sponsor my wife's access to the base without a VA letter stating that she was my primary caregiver.  Her words made it sound like it was a new directive and that folks had been recently turned away at the gate. So, if you do not have a military ID, make sure you check first to see if you will be able to enter the installation.

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