What does MWR expect from a camp host, typically.

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At Corpus Christi NAF Campground and I haven't talked to the host yet so this is sort of a loaded question.  "Howdy. So you're the Camp Host. What do they expect from you?" Looking at the condition of these two campgrounds, I'm really not sure who to blame for the unsightly conditions. Years of neglect or lack of funding is apparent. But the host couldn't possibly be responsible without the backing of MWR. The landscape is overgrown, corrosion has set in, rodents have free range and there is absolutely no information posted anywhere. We enjoy the security of the base and the access to base facilities. It's quiet here and town has everything a person could want. So how much is expected from the host? I give the host lots of credit for what they put up with.  I couldn't do it. But, as a host, I would be "wanting to do stuff", but those days are gone, electrical, plumbing, custodian, landscaper, heavy lifting, etc. Thoughts?

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7 months 5 days ago - 7 months 5 days ago #17938 by johnandmari
As a former camp host at two AF bases, over a period of four years, MWR expects you to maintain a physical presence at the camp ground.  Beyond that, based on my experience, what is expected of you depends entirely on who is in charge at MWR.  At one base, the first year I was onsite, the person I reported to was a hands on type – When I brought something to his attention, it was taken care of.  During the last year there, the person in charge had no experience whatsoever; he had been shifted from a position in marketing.  I never saw him at the FamCamp, nor did he act on any of my requests/suggestions!  In your case, landscape issues might be covered by a contracted business or by base CE.  Neither of which may consider the FamCamp as high priority.  Any funding necessary will require approval up to possibly the base commander.  At Davis-Monthan AFB, the camp wide Wi-Fi network took years to be installed.  Why, because the funding approval was repeatedly withdrawn!  Of course, the camp host may want to take care of minor defects, but may be prevented from doing so by MWR policy.
I would love to hear what you find after speaking with the host.

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