Federal Jobs for Vets or Active getting out, Spouses and Wounded Warriors

8 months 1 week ago #17935 by gsk1140
Hey Folks, 
Well? I guess since I made a donation to Larry for all his hard work over the years keeping this site up and running and he has given me permission to post, I will. I may as well pound the pavement so to speak. LOL... I won't say much except I've been at the federal job thing for a long time and have forgotten more than I remember or 90% know about hte system and getting a job. I've been a career civilian MWR Specialist except for a few different agencies I was compelled to work for due to BRAC's and RE-orgs. I also have 10 yrs. of private sector mgt. experience that was invaluable to me after the Wall came down in 89. I think we need a wall in 24, but that's another matter.

I am an expert in helping Vets get federal jobs. my track record is proven. I take my knowledge and experience and mentor counsel vets and fix their resumes to allow them to compete fairly for federal job, something I and they have found lacking with TAPS classes. If you have kids or friends that have kids coming out of the military and want a Federal career but ae confused by the complex discriminating process, have them take a hard look at my successes in helping vets get jobs. 

I am "theusajobsguru.com" or reach me at "[email protected]" Subject line "Help a Vet" mention this web site and I will give them 30% off my consulting fee. Ther is no charge to make an appt and talk to me for an initial consultation, so they have nothing to lose. Here is one example, all be it an extreme one and one I have no idea how it happened, per the regulations.  I have a wounded warrior client named Richard, that tried for 10 yrs. to get an entry level job with no luck, he couldn't even get an interview. He was an Army E5 Blown up 4 times in Iraq and still kept a great attitude.

He saw my post on Linked In and took and overcame his reluctance, hoping I was genuine. Within a month of my help, he had a job offer for a GS 7 Pass and idea gig at Mayport and a month after had an offer for a GS 13 with the Medicare/ Medicaid agency at 100 G a yr. working remotely from Home. I said I don't know how he got it, because by the book he was only qualified for a 5-9, but as I am fond of saying, when it comes to the Government, the only regulation is there are no regulations. They can do whatever they want! So good on Rick for overcoming so many obstacles. I don't promise results like this but do promise each vet will get personalized service positive reinforcement and a chance to compete, where they haven't in the past. 

Thanks again for allowing me to help spread the word to Vets looking for a federal career. Happy Rv'ing I hope to see you out and about when I retire in 12-18 months. And Thaks again to Larry for supporting what I do for Vets. 
Gregg Kininmonth 

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