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17 Feb 2012
(Updated: February 20, 2012)
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Spent one night while on the road. Called in the afternoon and asked if there was space. They said yes, gave us a spot and said if we get there after they were closed to drop the money in the drop box. This works like a lot of the other parks that don't have Camp Host. We used the lat long to get there. It took us to one of the gates, the gate guard gave us quick instructions on how to get to the Fam Camp. It was a long way but his directions were accurate. However he didn't mention that as we passed the Exchange there would be an Active Barrier. So when we got to the barrier I wasn't sure if I should go thru. I turned at the BX and ended up at the Gas Station where I saw a AP and asked him where the Camp was. He confirmed I should go thru the barrier and around the end of the runway. We did, the road was a little rough, bumps but slowing down helped. As said before it would be a lot easier in the light. Park was great as everyone has said. Antenna TV was pretty good wish they had cable. But park was nice and big rig friendly for sure. I have a Class B. $20 isn't a lot but it wasn't any better then other camps that charge less.
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