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July 7-12, 2021
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We filed an ICE report using the AF on-line form. This is a military facility, This is the gist of what we said: We drive an RV with 13’4” vertical clearance . Upon entering Maxwell Air Force Base for our first visit, we were detoured because of road construction on the normal road to the RV park. Along the road, we encountered light scraping on the roof because of the trees covering the roadway, then closer to the golf course, we heard a crunching noise when we passed under a tree limb. We saw debris in the mirror and imagine that we had lost our front air conditioner. When we arrived at the FamCamp, the manager told me that ours was the third RV to be harmed by the long hanging limb. A mobile RV repairman found that the cover of our kitchen vent had been destroyed. Since our experience with this neglected overgrowth, we read another review who visited during the Independence Day Holiday, just days before our arrival, that proclaimed the loss of the guest’s RV’s antenna on the tree-lined road. Wish I had read it! The overhanging tree branches on this road need to be cut back. Many RV's are 13'6" high and the low hanging branches pose a threat from debris to following vehicles be very careful if traveling the "detour" route near the golf course. Also, the road that has to be used to exit the CG is gravel, rock, and dirt. It is a pot hole devil and from the furthest exit of the park it is about 100 yards to pavement. We crawled at about 2 mph and zigzagged around them. The sites on our row had a slight downward slope and leveling from my MY was a slight problem. Fifth wheels and travel trailers should have no problem. The FamCamp itself is quite nice and we are grateful for for the well tended grounds and the availability of the adjacent dog run. There is not WiFi or Cable at this facility.
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December 02, 2021
We took that same route on November 10, 2021. Low hanging branches rubbing against the top of the RV. It was night time when we arrived so did not see much. We actually drove in the center of the road to stay away from the low branches. On November 29 we stayed there again and heard the Southside road near Kelly gate was open -- we enter Maxwell RD gate and traveled along Maxwell Rd until we turned onto Kelly Rd. There we even some low hanging branches on that road as well. Yes, someone needs to do some trimming!! One thing to mentioned when leaving in the morning and wanting to use the Kelly gate -- NOT!! Only incoming traffic for a few hours
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