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Wyoming 101263
15-26 Aug 2018
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Overall a really nice CG with mostly shaded sites, lots of grass. All sites are gravel and level, most are well spaced with good FHU connections. As previously noted some site hook-up are on the passenger side, so need long hoses and elec. cords. Plenty of dry camping overflow space ($10)- so if you need a safe stop don’t worry about availability. Caution - Larger rigs will have difficulty entering base thru Gate 1 (Randal Ave) – the chicane barrier is very tight even for our 25’ TT. Follow the MWR website instructions and you will not go wrong finding the camp once on base. “I” who works the office is very accommodating and very nice. Originally our rig was too long for the reserved site, however, she made accommodations to move us to a more suitable site and worked with us to extend our stay. The AFB is super interesting historically with many original brick buildings, barracks, stables still standing and repurposed for modern use. Easy exploring the city through Randal main gate. Fitness center is excellent, Commissary/BX – ok for basic needs. Class VI is at the gas station/shoppette, with limited selection. You will find better prices in town. No library on base (can you believe that?) but the county library in town is outstanding and only 15 minutes from the main gate with very well equipped with a nice computer center/internet if you have admin needs. Mosquitoes are pretty aggressive here as there is a swampy creek passing by. Lots of places to walk or ride bikes, with two nice rec lakes to the north on base. Everything was working in the bathhouse, and they were very clean. WIFI was fairly good, not the fastest, but good enough for most things. Pretty good value for the price, will stay again.
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