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West Virginia 28785
Sept 2010
(Updated: October 09, 2010)
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Sugar Grove Cabins and Sea Bee Park are really co located, less then a quarter a mile apart. The web site map is deceiving. We stayed in the cabin and the Suite. This location is definitely, "in the eye of the beholder." We liked it. Tucked out of the way, quiet and definitely friendly. The whole base is probably smaller then some Navy ships. The thing that we were impressed with were the three small kennels, a small dog house with a run. But they had heating and air conditioning. We don't have a dog so we can't tell you how they worked. Food was great at chow hall (galley), and club or you could get food at commissary and cook your own. The car wash was free. Just a good place to get away from it all. Cell service was nonexistent, we have Verizon but everyone there said the other carriers weren't much better. And I suggest you follow the directions and don't follow GPS. Ours took us on some roads I considered farmers fields and one lane wooded areas.
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