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Virginia 44601
27 Sep-3 Oct 2010
(Updated: October 04, 2010)
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We had about 4 straight days and nights of rain, plus 2 days and night of off and on showers, during our stay. While the RV park is nice when dry, it is a pretty miserable place when wet as drainage is non-existent. We had to wade a few inches water to get in and out or our motorhome (our booster step floated away...), but we noted several occupied sites that were literally swamped in 6" or so of water the entire time we were there. There were some wood pallets on some of the worst sites to give the occupants some help getting in and out, but I had to wonder about swamped sewer hookups and electrical connections. I installed a new water sediment filter on arrival ...the filter normally lasts 3 months, but I had to discard it after one week due to the severe rust in the water. The office staff is hopeful (I am too!) that the campground may be kept open by the National Park Service when they take responsibility for the historic areas of the fort in 2011, but nothing is sure about that possibility as yet.
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