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Sep 2022
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Previous review from some time ago needs updating: major changes have taken place. Sites are much improved, and new equipment placed in laundry area. But those improvements (funded by a grant from my understanding) do not justify a doubled rate. Now having more experience with other military parks with which to compare this location, I agree the rates are way out of balance for the amenities offered. This park also used to accept National Senior Pass discount which helped. After travelling to all but 5 US states, we are still seeing Famcamp rates as low as $18- $22 (some still accepting Sr. Pass too). Those rates include decent cell/WiFi/antenna reception. If I was able to get just ONE of those at this park I would be happy!! WiFi and cable r available only inside of laundry bldg. Surely one repeater could be placed in this small, 30-site campground? I think the comps used to set prices here were based surrounding private parks in Richmond and Fredericksburg rather than other mil parks. It is definitely NOT comparable for location or amenities. While I am very thankful to have our famcamps available, the vast differences in pricing and amenities is disappointing, particularly in an environment where one expects a degree of standardization and fairness.
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July 10, 2023
Just fyi - this review can't be from Sept 2023 because it is only July 2023 as I write this comment.
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