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September 2020
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NOTE: At the time of our visit and through October 7, ROAD REPAIRS WILL REQUIRE REROUTING TO CAMPGROUND. You will need to ENTER VIA THE RANGE GATE which is directly across Route 301 from the main gate. You will get an email and map from the office after you make reservations, Just take the route clearly outlined on the map and you will be fine. Don't be tempted to look at the map and try the "apparent" shortcut. Some of the roads are closed (Campbell for one), and others bear a different name on the street sign vs. the map/GPS/. Save yourself some trouble. We rode around in the dark for at least 20 minutes -- and many miles out of the way before learning to just do it the easy way!) Now for the review... We have stayed here a number of times -- before and after the remodel. The renovations have made the sites much nicer; level, full hookups, picnic table. A fire pit with benches next to the little rec center. Sites are very close together, and no trees, but most of the neighbors (weekday) seemed to be gone during the day, so very quiet. Be aware cell service is minimal (one bar, occasionally two, with Verizon), internet never did work this time; previously we have had to go to the rec center to get a decent signal. Due to COVID, the rec center (laundry, showers, TV, etc.) was closed, but even sitting in the parking lot directly in front we were unable to get a signal that held. However, both the Food Lion and McDonalds in nearby Bowling Green had a signal good enough to pick up email or other non-confidential tasks. Staff are great. We even got a text message letting us know they were cutting grass that day and asking us to be aware of any items that could be in the way (assuming you wanted your grass cut). If you frequently stay at fam camps, you may think the fee seems a little steep for this out-of-the-way location ($35). I don't disagree since prior to remodel we stayed for $18 with Golden Age discount. And we have stayed at other military facilities that were nicer and cheaper. BUT if you do an area comparison of private campgrounds, this one is competitive with the locals in the immediate area. The Richmond Supply Depot on the south side of Richmond (off I-95) is within $5 but no sewer, no bath house, no internet. The two private ones a few miles down the road are about the same price but not as nice sites. If you need the proximity to Richmond, or the bells and whistles (pool, entertainment, etc.) you can go to the Americamps 30 miles south for $60+ or Kings Dominion for about the same price. Makes Champs Camp seem like a bargain even counting the extra gas! Will definitely return.
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