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Virginia 69395
October 2019
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This is a BEAUTIFUL campground! Close to all DC attractions. Back in Sites on the waterfront are just gorgeous! Pull Throughs in the middle sites are spacious and the back in wooded are very nice also. Level concrete and utilities are top notch. Clean bathroom and great $1.50 laundry. I feel $50 a night is more than fair for a beautiful quality site and close to DC. Try and pay that any closer to DC. You won’t double it at least and you will also have way more of a drive. The employees are nice and try hard to please. Now....For the NOT So Good... HARD TO GET RESERVATIONS ...There is so many long term active duty and DOD living here. Active duty is mostly waiting on housing. There is on going renovating of housing there is a long wait. So they camp...DOD lives here as they don’t want to drive I95 and sit in horrid traffic most live about an hour away. So most nights they stay here and other nights their camper sit on sites unoccupied as they chose to go home. IF YOU GET A RESERVATION YOU MAY HAVE TO PLAY “CAMP SITE SHUFFLE”......You May have to move several time if you choose to stay more than a couple of days. I think the reservation program may need revamping. After staying here for 2 separate occasions this month I was required to do the “Shuffle” only to see other sites not occupied for 2 or 3 days continuously. I as well as others told there was no sites available and noted several sites empty for 2 or 3 days straight. There has got to be a better way of keeping track of reservations. NEED LARGER LAUNDRY FACILITIES.....There are 3 washers and 3 dryers. They run non stop during the day and into the late evening. There are many! Many families living here full time so you can imagine the laundry needs. Also DOD employees are doing their laundry here even if they are staying elsewhere! They come after work with their laundry and use the facilities. Way cheaper and better company than downtown! I am concerned with the opening of the MWR facilities to more Non Retired vets and caretakers MWR facilities are going to be harder to access. I hope there will be expansion in all military RECREATION facilities. Safe travels All!
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