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July 2019
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July 2019. Pay $25/night for concrete pad with water, electricity and sewer and across dunes from beach. There is a north and south end. North End - new, near check-in building, great number of washers and dryers, no trees to speak of ?? and shower facilities down (apparently been that way for a while, luckily I am self-contained). South end - older, lots of shade, longer slots, beach access (walkway to beach), shower facilities (again older) and half the number of washers and dryers. Unique concept is there are a few double pads for two RV’s side by side for $40/night. Great for two but you will be close Bottom line is for the cost, it can’t be beat! 
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July 10, 2019
A great place to camp if you love the beach. There are a few ongoing issues that SEAMIST needs to address, such as maintenance. For the past 5 years the men's bathroom (main office) has been in disrepair. On my last visit (July 2019) the shower area was completely closed. This leaves 3 showers open for 74 camp sites in the old section of the camp ground. MWR takes in enough money to keep this facility in tip top shape, especially where it is located. The staff is excellent and works hard with what they have. There are also unsafe camp sites where (widow maker) trees need to come down. All-in-all if you are willing to put up with the inconvenience of limited bathroom facilities this is the place for you.

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