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Virginia 63936
June 14-July 2, 2018
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It may just be me, but I think this place gets a bum rap. The park is like a state park setting; very quiet and serene (birds chirping, deer everywhere, etc.) The people at the Lodging Office were nice and knowledgeable and the bathrooms, laundry and clubhouse were very nice. Yes, the layout is somewhat baffling and looks like it was cobbled together out of spare parts during a drunken festival, but after a little bit of looking around, it all came together. And, compared to a lot of place (including state parks), the price is right, $21/night. And, if you have an "America the Beautiful" National Parks Pass, it knocks the price down to $13/night. And, previous posters have lamented about there not being a Walmart for miles around; big deal! You have plenty of local stores that'll probably have what you need in Bowling Green, which is just a few miles away. I like the place; the only drawback for me was the gnats, biting flies and mosquitoes. They need to get the dead leaves off the ground and do a little pest control. Other than that, we'd camp here, again.
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