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July 21 2011
(Updated: July 22, 2011)
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We waited to the last minute to call and couldn't get anyone on the phone, left message with our number but no one returned our call. The answering machine recommended sending e mail so that morning as we headed out we sent e mail requesting a site and again giving my number. I figured when they called I could ask to be close to bath house since we have a small RV and prefer taking shower in bath house. We also tried to call again but no luck. When we arrived, after hours, we went to office to self check in. They had a good system and there was a Johnson on the list plus other open sites. To make sure the Johnson was us I checked my e mail and sure enough they sent me an e mail with the site number. Bad part, it was on the opposite side from the bath house. PPP on my part doesn't make it anyone else's problem. There was a camp host, he was real nice but I didn't want to bother him about another site for one night. Another RV arrived and he also was unable to get anyone on the phone but camp host took care of him. Everything was close, Gym, BX, Commissary, post office, club. And there was a nice small water park for the kids too. I'm ret. Army so I say anything in 2 mi is close and in walking distance.
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