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Texas 134808
Nov 22-29, 2014
(Updated: November 29, 2014)
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Pulled in on Sat, office closed, there was one FHU site empty and 7 or 8 partial sites empty. Checked with a couple in partial sites to make sure they weren't waiting for a FHU and non were. So, we pulled right into a FHU site. There appears to be some changes going on here. Greg is retiring in March I hear, he is using some vacation time between now and then, so office is hit and miss with fill ins. Max stay is 30 days and out for 24 hours. I haven't really noticed much if any homesteading, but there are a few that stay 30 and leave for 24 and then come back for another 30. So, if you are in a partial you move and take their site when they leave and they may have to take a partial when they come back. I saw one or two leaving every day that we were here. There have been 2 empty FHU sites today and all 12 of the partial sites. On Sat 29th there were 5 FHU sites available, but that might be because of Thanksgiving holiday. Bathrooms appeared pretty clean as well as the Laundry room. Sites are typical RV park spacing with concrete pads, good water pressure. WIFI was broke while we were here. We will be back. I think this place is shaping up and I think it will only get better, hopefully they continue with a good Commander that enforces the rules. We enjoyed our stay reminiscing our adult life beginnings at Lackland 33 years ago.
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