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South Carolina 165837
March 2012
(Updated: April 07, 2012)
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This is primarily a short-stay, boating and fishing facility for Shaw AFB. (Crappie fishing was great while we were there.) However, it is certainly suitable for snow birds who want to stay near a lake in a moderate winter climate. It can drop below freezing in winter, so be prepared to drip the water when the weather report so predicts. And Curt and his staff are energetic and highly motivated to make it a great experience for everyone, regardless. The laundry facility is minimal (2 small stacked units that were not very clean) so we drove into Camden to "Spin City" to do the wash. It was a convenient time to stock up on groceries, also, so not a real problem. The bathhouses are old, but serviceable, however they never had hand soap or towels stocked. WiFi is expensive, but 3G and telephone signals were fine, and we used a smart phone for internet connection. You can do pretty much anything with that except view Netflix. Over the air HD was good, and was not difficult to find a clear spot to point a satellite dish.
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