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August 2010
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We have stayed here before and enjoy the Famcamp and area, but this time ran into a couple of strange glitches. 1) We made reservations for a one month stay six weeks in advance and they insisted they had to charge the FULL $529 in advance or they "could not hold our reservation." 2) When we plugged into the 50a outlet we had a problem that caused me to check the outlet with my multimeter. The problem was internal to our coach and unrelated, but what I found caused me to go to neighboring vacant sites to check them also. Then I went to the Famcamp office to discuss what I found with the woman there. The conclusion is that ALL 50a outlets in the famcamp are NOT wired according to code, and they KNOW it. Each 50a outlet power leg tests at 120v, however the reading across the two power legs is 0v rather than the normal 240v. The woman in the office said, "They are all that way." And then she said something like, "They told me we are missing one wire ...they are really just a super-charged 30a." I closely monitored voltage on a meter inside the coach, and other than sagging voltage at times of heavy usage did note any other problems. "Normal" voltage was 115v most of the time, dropping as low as 109v for short periods of heavy load. There are a couple of possibilities as to how they wired the 50a circuit to have these results, at least one of which could lead to dangerous overheating of the neutral wire. This Famcamp location is over 10 years old, so I guess whatever they did isn't causing any serious problems... I found it difficult to believe the military would pull such a stunt with electrical wiring.
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