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May 18, 2018
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Very pleased with the facility. Not much there, but made a good over night spot traveling through the area. In my opinion, it was not designed by an experienced camper. Paved section was smooth and level but not even wide enough to comfortably step off from the camper steps. Had to step onto grass. ***** Not a major problem. I won't complain about the high grass just because it is newly opened. They'll get that under control. Dump station was too close to end of loop exit so my truck was out in the connecting road and I have a relatively small camping trailer. (27 ft). "Field House" was just a simple but roomy bath house. SPOTLESS, clean and obviously new. FANTASTIC price!!! If you go there in the near future, they are still getting their ducks in a row. Check-in is at base hotel (Eagle's Nest??)and they were not prepared for my arrival. Initially called Eagle's Nest and was given another number. (See Below) Gate Entrance GPS 41.271886, -80.676386 Check-In at Eagles Nest motel GPS 41.270161, -80.675750 Telephone number for reservation that was given to me by Eagle's Nest 1-330-609-1501
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