Thank youThe Purple Heart and Disabled Veterans Equal Access Act of 2018 became law in August 2018 and took effect on January 1st, 2020. This bill now allows the following veterans use of commissary and exchange stores, and MWR facilities (includes campgrounds):

  • Veterans Awarded the Purple Heart
  • Veterans Who Are Medal of Honor Recipients (already authorized)
  • Veterans Who Are Former Prisoners of War
  • Veterans With Service-Connected Disabilities
  • Caregivers of Veterans

For more details on this new eligibility, please look at these articles:

There's been MANY reports of problems with service-connected veterans attempting to use some military campgrounds. As with all bureaucratic changes, there's been challenges in implementing this new law. Issues that exist include:

  • Some installations haven't implemented the changes.
  • Some installations don't allow the DAV to "sponsor" guests. This means family members aren't allowed on base.
  • Getting the necessary security clearance may be difficult, or time consuming.
  • Security clearances might only be done during weekday work hours.
  • A security clearance at one installation may not be valid at other locations.

It's STRONGLY encouraged for a disabled veteran now authorized access to military campgrounds to inquire fully about the above issues at the specific location(s) they plan to visit. The DISCUSSION FORUMS of the website has several articles from users discussing their problems using military campgrounds.

Here's a couple disussion topics to investigate: