It never fails to amaze me, but there's still U.S. Military Campgrounds and RV Parks out there that are not well known or advertised. I call these "secret" campgrounds. Over the past 11 years, we've uncovered over a dozen of these "secret" campgrounds. Well, today is still surprising me. I recently learned of TWO establishd military campgrounds that were not already listed. I've added these campgrounds to the website:

  1. Fort Riley Primitive Camping in Kansas. Located near the Fort RIley Marina on Milford Lake.
  2. Cedar Park Camping Area at the McAlester Army Ammuniton Plant in Oklahoma. This is only for long-term camping and rents by the month.

Information on these two newly added campgrounds is difficult to find. If you know anything about either of these locations, please send me the details and any photos you have. We're always striving to provide the most COMPLETE and CURRENT information possible. Your help allows us to meet these goals. Thank you!