Holbrook Pond Recreation AreaDuring our winter trip in early 2010, we were invited to visit Holbrook Pond Recreation Area and Campgound. The camp hosts, Dock and Lori, have been regular users and contributors of the website. Since we were going to be in the area, we added this military campground to our list of scheduled visits. However, our travels were taking longer than planned and we could only spend one night here. Unfortunately, it was also in the rain.

Dock and Lori had provided easier driving directions than what we had posted here. Their directions maybe a bit more driving, but they appeared much easier to navigate. Trusting the local camp hosts knew the best way there, we followed their directions. They were easy to follow and took us right to the camgpround. I've changed the drving directions here to these easier directions. Once we left the Interstate, there's 17 miles of driving through a heavily wooded area of Fort Stewart, passing numerous firing ranges. We easily found the correct turn to the Recreation Area, especially since it's well marked. Normally, we would have stopped at the Recreation Center to check in. Since they were closed, we checked-in with the camp hosts as instructed. After you pass the Recreation Center, there's numerous picnic are to the right. However, stay to the left to go to the campground on the other side of the pond. But be careful! Check the road aheqad of youi for oncoming traffic before proceeding. From this point on to the campground, it's only a one lane road. You don't want to be caught in a large RV with head-on traffic.

The campground is located in the woods across the street from the pond. Unfortunately, it was raining on our visit and we didn't get to see the campground in its prime. When we arrived at the host site, the hosts have a sign board along the street with a "Welcome" message with the names of reserved arrivals. It was a pleasant surprise to see our name on the board. Dock and Lori are wonderful hosts who really care for their guests and the campground. We got our assigned site. Some of the sites were flooded with the recent heavy rains. We had no problem getting around the campground and into our site with a 40' motor home. I was hoping to get a clear view of the sky for my satellite Internet and (hopefully) satellite TV. Since my system is roof mounted, it's not easy to move around to find a "hole" in the trees. The hosts said I probably wouldn't get a satellite signal, due to the dense Georgia Pines. However, they were only half correct. I got a DirecTV signal, but not for the Internet.

There's seperate areas for RV's and tents, each with 20 sites available. The roads are dirt, but some of the RV sites are paved. The RV sites are huge and spaced widely apart. They have a small patio, picnic table and BBQ.  The RV sites have water and electric hook-ups, but no sewer. There is a dump available. The tent sites are also spread out with a table and BBQ. The restroms and showers were clean, but starting to show their age.

There's also a small community building with a community room and laundry. There's a TV and book exchange. While there's no WiFi in the park, there is a jack in the community room for dial-up access. Cell phones and data cards have marginal (if any) reception in the campground. The laundry has 2 washers and 2 dryers, all free of charge.

Overall, this is a nice, quiet recreation area located in the woods. For those wanting a relaxing place to spend some time, this is it. With the pond nearby, there's plenty of water activities available. The wooded setting is great for families wanting to explore. We felt the $15 for military for the RV site was about right.

Typical RV Site Holbrook Pond The Community Room
Typical RV Site Holbrook Pond
The Community Room
Restroom/Shower Building The Camp Host Site The Recreation Center
Restrooms and Showers
The Camp Host Site
The Recreation Center