Hurlburt Field FamCampDuring our winter trip in early 2010, we stopped and visited the Hurlburt Field FamCamp. Although we didn't spend the night here this time, we had stayed in the FamCamp for almost 3 months a few years ago. Reading the reviews, this campground gets mixed reviews. It just comes down to what you like and what your expectations are. We enjoyed our visit and prior extended stay. Although not located on base behind security gates, it's a secluded location near the water.

Finding the family campground isn't difficult, if you follow the directions published here. During prior visits, the campground always had available spaces. But that wasn't the case this year. With all of the RV sites taken, perhaps word is getting out about the value here. There are 50 RV sites and 10 tent sites. While the tent sites are in a wooded area with a small beack along the water, the RV sites are a combination of trees and open space. It's just a short walk to the small beach area. Some of the RV sites are newer. They all have full-hookups, but I'm not sure that they all have 50amp electric yet. They do have 30amp as a minimum. The roads are paved and have concrete RV pads. There's also a BBQ and picnic table at each site. Of course, the tent sites are not paved.

Although there's a small laundry room, there are not many amenities at the campground. The laundry has 4 washers and 4 dryers, all at 75FHU RV Site cents each. There is a small bathhouse that was clean, but getting old and in need of repairs. There's also a small pavilion with BBQ's and picnic tables. But that's about it. You'll need your own Internet access or have to go on base or into town. There isn't any indication of organized events or "get together's" at the campground, although MWR does have the usual tours and picnics available. It does appear that some of the campers have been in the park for awhile. Civilian contractors working on base are also allowed to stay here. The famcamp's length of stay policy is 90 days, out 1 day, then you can return for another 90 days. I'm not sure the "out for a day" is enforced if the park isn't full.

While a bit of an annoyance, but understood, is the loud aircraft. The famcamp is near the end of the runway. It was almost impossible to have a conversation on the phone. In addition, the USAF Special Ops train at night, so the "sound of freedom" goes late into the night. The MWR paintball course is next door, which is fun to watch. We didn't notice any problems having the paintball near the famcamp. Hurlburt Field is a typical base. However, the Base Exchange, Commissary, and other facilities are mostly on the other side of the base from the campground. While no big deal, it is a few miles to drive on base, around the flight line and to these facilities. The gas station and shopette are close to the gate near the campground. The nearby town of Mary Ester has many places to shop and dine. If this isn't enough for you, Destin isn't too much further down the road.

Typical FHU Site Typical Tent Site
Typical FHU Site Typical Tent Site
Picnic area and Bathhouse/Laundry Laundry Room
Picnic area and Bathhouse/Laundry
The Laundry Room

Check-in is at the Marina, which is about a mile from the campground. They're pretty relaxed here, asking you to take an empty site, then go check-in. Since they don't take reservations, they don't have the problems of someone occupying a reserved site by accident. The marina is pretty nice, with a large selection of rental boats and boating activities and tours planned.

If you're looking for a pleasant place to stop or spend a little time, with very fair rates, give Hurlburt Field FamCamp a try. The nightly rate of $15 is perfect for this location and the facilities provided.