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21-27 June 2016
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We stayed in Site C11. It requires backing in from the access road, and we had no problem with our 39f t 5th wheel. We had access to our Dish Satellite (portable), but Verizon MIFI was iffy. The park is wooded and well maintained. Restrooms were clean until 3 large family groups (lots of kids) arrived at the beach, then TP and hand towels on the floor. The commissary and PX were 10 minutes away. It's longer if you want to go to a Wal-Mart or Homedepot (you have to return to US6/I-87). We toured the Post and Museum, and just missed the warrior games. We took the train to NYC from the Peekskill Station (Take a roll of quarters, parking is metered and it's $0.75 per hour, 12 hour max) to Grand Central Terminal, then subway down to the 9-11 memorial and wall street. Also took the Sloop cruise around the Harbor - well worth the cost. Boating, Fishing and Swimming beach made this a very comfortable "down week" during our swing into New England. TRAVEL NOTE: There are two Bridges less than 13 ft high that do not show up on AllStays low clearance on 9W and County road 9 northbound. DO NOT TAKE YOUR RV ON THIS ROUTE. Back track to 6/17/I-87 to leave the area.
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