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May 29 - 30, 2008
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Our planned stop at the US Military Academy was during graduation week, so we made a one night reservation a couple of days in advance. When we arrived in the early afternoon, they had our paperwork all ready -- no forms to fill out, and no credit slip to sign. The staff here really has their act together. Unlike many Army recreation sites, the Golden Age pass is NOT ACCEPTED here. And with no sewer hookups for any of the sites, that makes the value for the dollar on the poor side. The natural beauty and convenient location help, however. We were in a shady pop-up site (U-1) on a wooded knoll with a view of the pond. We had water & electric. The bath house was clean, modern, and well-appointed. There's a camp store adjacent to the office space where you can get a few basics if needed. Compared to the US Naval Academy RV park, this place is heaven (although, I hear USNA is finally going to make some desperately needed improvements...I'm an Air Force guy, so I have no axe to grind for either side. I just like nice campgrounds). There is a hiking trail that circumnavigates Round Pond that was well marked, and an overlook spot off the beginning of the trail. The trail was free of trash, as was the pond shore...more evidence of a staff that has pride of place, even if a few cretins try to mess it up with their littering. (Note: there´s another pond behind the CG, as well). From our campsite, we had adequate SPRINT PCS cell phone reception. We also use the SPRINT PCS air card for internet, and got minimum internet connection and low speed only. NO EVDO. But at least we could get connected. As soon as we left the CG and went over the ridge, and down into the Academy grounds, we had solid EVDO connection. When you're in the PX parking lot, the cell tower is on the hilltop behind the exchange. There is a very nice, commissary, PX, and gas station/class VI/shoppette complex on the Academy grounds. The graduation parade was a stirring sight.
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