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24 June - 1 July 2021
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Stayed here for 7 nights and had an good experience overall. The reservation was easy to get and was able to work with staff to adjust by several days at about 3 weeks out. The entrance is up a steep hill but a properly sized tow vehicle should not have any problems. The road is a bit narrow at places so meeting another RV would be an issue. There are several places where the trees are low or hanging into the road where you will scrape if not careful. Initially, we were assigned site C5 that is in the loop behind the dump/bath house. We were directed to drive around this back loop which turned out to be nearly impassable with a 37’ fifth wheel. There are very low overhanging trees and large rocks along the loop. I badly scratched our rig and nearly lost our sewer outlet on a rock. Turns out our rig would not even fit in the assigned site. The staff put us into overflow for the night, which is right next to the office and has electric and water, and found us a better site. The rest of the stay was very enjoyable. There was not much ATT service while on the back side of the pond near the bath house. However, we could get a couple of bars when we walked to the top of the ridge on the other side of the pond. I would stay here again when visiting the area, but I’ll make sure to avoid that back loop.
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