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New Mexico 88465
30 Sep 2016-4 Oct 2016
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Recommend utilizing the Commercial gate if possible. I believe it is open 0600-1800 M-F Signage from this gate to the Fam Camp is non-existent. The Fam-camp is to your right so head East and try to keep the highway in sight and you will find it. The serpentine at the main gate is very tight with our 43' 5th Wheel and the bollards at the guard shack is very tight with a dually. The condition of the Fam Camp was acceptable for a desert environment. We were able to get into one of the concrete pads with a cover over the table. The cable TV was inoperative but the Wifi had just been brought back on line. Our neighbor reported it was working pretty well. We have our own hotspot. I was surprised at the appearance of the base. It seems they don't have a lot of pride of ownership. Weeds have taken over the entire base. I have never seen a military facility look so shabby. There is lots of stuff to do and see here. We were here for the trip out to Ground Zero at the Trinity Site which was a happy coincidence. The Trinity site (where they tested the first Atomic Bomb in 1945) is only open twice a year. The first Saturday in April, and the first Saturday in October. We stopped at the White Sands National Park and the Space Museum. We also took a day trip up to Cloudcroft up in the Sacramento Mountains and then on to Roswell to the Alien Museum. A 275 mile trip but it sure was fun. Our stay was enjoyable and would stay here again.
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