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New Mexico 88465
April 2015
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Can't beat the price for an extended stay. Nice sites on 2 of 3 rows with concrete pads and covered patio with some attempts at bushes or trees (its the desert ok). Third row is a gravel parking lot with hookups. Wifi was ok for us, actually got some pretty amazing speeds now and again. Cable was some kind of strange satellite system - maybe if I had a satellite receiver it would have helped - but we don't watch much if any TV so didn't try to figure it out. All kinds of things to do in the area - especially outdoor type activities - hiking etc. Base facilities if not real big are adequate and conveniently located in a central area. At the main gate they've done away with the Jersey barriers for the serpentine in favor of a 10-12" high poured curb so you don't have to worry about body damage - at least until you get to the ID check station where its a tight fit but doable. There is still the opportunity to abuse tires tho as the scuff marks on the curb indicate. The commercial gate is a straight shot but also has the tight fit issue - gate guard told me next time just to head for the truck inspection shed to the right.
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