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3.6 83
New Mexico 88671
18-19 April 2012
(Updated: April 20, 2012)
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The park is small and a bit out of the way to get to. The entrance to the base is being redone and they put in some big concrete blocks either side of each driving lane and they are very close. Close enough to have many scrape marks on each from vehicles bumping into them. The serpentine lanes are narrow and difficult to maneuver. One must go through base housing to get to the park and the roads there are narrow with cars parked on each side of the streets. Apart from that, the BX is acceptable as is the commissary as each is small. The town of Alamogordo is small but has just about everything one would need. The camp host was helpful but didn't really give us much in the way of info about the base or the town. We stayed here two nights passing through, which is our custom. We like to spend two nights each place we stay so we can see what there is to see every place we stop.
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