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31 Mar - 27 April 2009
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We have stayed here once a year for several years, from two weeks to a month at a time. It would be great if they would change the 14 day limit to 30 days to be consistent with most other Famcamps, but the 14 day stay limit does allow you to "roll over" and stay in your site if there is no one on the waiting list at 9am on your day of departure. If on the rare occasion you do get bumped, you probably will spend just one night in dry camp before you are back in full-hookups. When we arrived, there was an over-voltage problem in our site in the old area. The host called out some electricians to verify the problem. As it was after 4pm, we dry-camped in our full hookup site that night (the new area was not open, and there were no empty sites) until they brought a crew out at 8:15 the next morning to adjust the transformer. It is great that they have added new sites, though the end result is a bit disappointing as it is simply a gravel & dirt lot divided by telephone poles lying on the ground wifi, no catv, no grill, no landscaping, dirt/dusty streets, and only a few picnic tables so far. And the bathhouse facilities has only one commode and one shower for each sex for all 72 sites!! Due to the increase in price to $18 and the fact they do not offer any weekly or monthly discount, we probably will stay in a civilian park on future visits to Albuquerque as we know several locations where far better amenities are provided (wifi, catv, grills, tables, and others) for $100-$200 less for a month-long stay.
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