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16 Dec 07 - 15 Mar 08
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We came in on 16 Dec 2007 and will be here through mid Mar 2008. This is our fourth visit here in the last six years. Like most MCG's we enjoy the base/post security & this base is no exception. If you come in the Eubank gate you can see the CG from the gate. The only drawback is that gate is closed 1800 to 0600 during the week, and all weekend. If coming from the east use the Wyoming gate and turn left at F ave. From the South use the Gibson gate, turn right on Wyoming and left on F ave. From the north or west the choice is yours. Everything is on schedule for 30 to 40 new larger sites all with 30/50 amp hookups with solar lamps for night time hookup, cable TV, and by the time they are finished WI-FI should be in, not only for the campgrounds but the bowling alley, golf course and a few other areas. There will also be a playground area for kids. This will all be built to the east of the current campground. The area is now a storage area for RV's. Janet the famcamp mgr told me that she is calling all owners to move their RV's so the work can begin. The area west of the current CG will be the new storage area. After the new sites are built and open they will rebuild the old sites. We are not homesteaders and there is a 14 day limit on all stays. However as long as there are open sites you can stay. If no sites you must go into overflow until there are sites open for your next 14 days. In the winter there are (most) always sites open.
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