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New Mexico 88465
21 March 2019
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The only reason this stop is on our list is that it is on the way. The locations is good, It's a military base, and I am retired military.. Anything else is a zero. 1. There is no host. If you find a spot, pull in, go to the laundry, fill out an envelope. 2. The connections are "on the ground", (very short posts) This is difficult because I am disabled and have mobility issues. 3. The park is a secondary housing area for active duty members, as evidenced by the RV with the permanently mounted canvas sun screen which has been there for at least two years. 4. The "free cable and wi-fi" was non functional, even after I repaired the connections I had to set up my .portable satellite system. In my opinion, the USAF needs to take another look at the so called "FAMCAMPs'. They are rapidly becoming a secondary "sub-standard" housing area within the military. Several states, Oregon, Montana, and others are looking at RV Parks and placing severe restrictions on the RV'ers, such as, 30 to 60 day limits, must move out for 30 days before returning, etc. Wake up people, this may be a pleasant experience in the short term, but it is not a way to raise a family.
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