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December 8-10, 2019
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Was trying to decide between Holloman and Fort Bliss for a short stopover on the way to Fort Huachuca when I read the last two reviews. "Can't be that bad", I thought. Well, guess what, it was. The host was in church when I pulled in at 1230 on a Sunday so, with advice from a resident, I went ahead and pulled into one of two vacant sites, very happy to have found a place to drop anchor for three nights. (The host WAS available at other times.) I particularly second the observation about FamCamps morphing into mobile home parks. Base commanders (and DOD in general) need to consider the purpose (the "mission") of on-base RV parks. Are they to be constructed and maintained as FamCamps or mobile home parks. If the former, than there should be a time limit on stays. From the Holloman Outdoor Web Page: "It [the FamCamp] is a place to stay while in transit or on vacation". Contrary to this mission statement, there seem to be PCS families staying in the FamCamp. For sure, there are resident families occupying sites while the military member is undergoing 9 months of TDY training. One of the Outdoor Rec office personnel told me that the 'T' in TDY satisfies the "transit" requirement in the mission statement. Disagree. (I have submitted a similar note to ICE at A correction: The Outdoor Rec web address is now
For info: The listed telephone # rings a phone in the Outdoor Rec office. There will be no one to answer when the office is closed (see web site for hours). Neither is there any canned answer, the phone just rings and rings and rings.
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