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September 2019
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Holloman is not a destination location. So with 35 FHU sites you would think there would be no problem getting a spot. Guess again. We were lucky to get one of 2 open spots upon arrival. Of the 35 sites we counted 30 occupied by full time active duty with a few retirees thrown in. We have watched this and many famcamps slowly morph into trailer parks, but this is the worse circumstance we have ever witnessed. No limit on stay. Some have been here "years". All ranks from A1C to LtCol. The camp host is an active duty family. I have no idea what they do other than occupy a spot at likely no cost. The grounds are one big weed patch with most of the trees and shrubs all but dead. There are no enforced standards here. Dogs run loosley and drop their waste with no pickup. Very young children are left unattended to play in the roads. Trailers are in disrepair and many appear as though they have been set up with steps and shade cloth to be a final home. It is a true trailer park with no standards to speak of. If they are going to allow it to be used as a permanent housing area, simply take the famcamp sign down, charge full housing allowance for those living here and drawing Quarters. Unfortunately this is becoming the new famcamp model for services throughout the AF. Shameful and Sad....
Holloman AFB FamCamp
Holloman AFB FamCamp
Holloman AFB FamCamp
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