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20-21 June 2010
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Am presently here, in site #1. Sort of a shabby side of the CG, new pad, but short and no place to park vehicle nearby. Has been raining and the roads are REALLY messy, a white, pasty mix that really messes up your vehicle, inside and out. Some real gravel, or concrete/paving, would really be a plus. Host was very helpful in directions, called him before arriving. When arriving via I-80 use Exit 439 onto Bellevue to the base, as directed by the Garmin. The directions provided in "the book" direct you to exit at 452, which requires about 20-30 miles added travel, if arriving from the West, and also requires navigating through some back streets. I found the book directions vague and confusing, but followed them thinking Garmin would mislead me. In this instance it was correct. Someone might wish to review the directions to this location. On the plus side, once set up, there is a neat patio table and chair arrangement on a concrete pad in front of each site in the lawn. The lake is really neat with fishing and canoes available. When the roads dry I am certain I will like this place a lot better, right now I need to find a wash rack for the RV.
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