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19-28 JUL 2009
(Updated: August 26, 2009)
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Concur with other reviewers who have noted that this park is somewhat run down. As usual, I was living out of my FW while training one of the MI ARNG units out in the maneuver area. Many of the MI ARNG units were up at Camp Grayling for their AT (a busy place in the summer), so during my stay the camp was fairly crowded. Sites are very close together (built before the advent of slides, I suspect) so larger trailers/FWs tend to be about 4 feet apart in many cases, and while it would not be accurate to describe this crowd of Guardsmen/campers as "raucus" - they are young and will obviously socialize during the evenings - so if your trailer is 4 feet away from their gathering place you may find the park a little noisy during peak AT periods (assuming you're trying to sleep as opposed to staying up and drinking beer with them...). Many of the sites are not level (laterally), which can cause substantial wash problems when it rains heavily (which it is bound to do). The "playground" appears to be a collection of 2 x 4's nailed together creatively, and the "renovated" bathroom had copious amounts of peeling paint and mold/mildew (I wouldn't even use it and I'm an old soldier...). Concur that while the manager-couple (retired MI ARNG member) are friendly, they are getting on in years and are essentially unable to keep up with the maintenance requirements, and the "Officer's Club" (great drinks/lousy food) has not put any money into the park in many, many years. Cell coverage is extremely weak in the park, and generally nonexistant once you enter the maneuver area to the west. I pulled in about 3 or 4 local digital channels with a standard roof antenna. Having said all that - it's the only game in town around here; it's inexpensive; had both 30 and 50A service and sewer; the park is heaviy wooded thus well shaded; Michigan is, of course, beautiful in the summer; and the lake (about a 2-min walk down a path) is beautiful and full of fish. There are a few great restaurants and an espresso shop in Grayling (my definition of civilization), and, finally, it's close to Mackinac Island, which should be on everybody's bucket list. If I come back up here to train another unit I suppose I'll stay here again. Strongly encourage you to call the park manager (989-344-6604) to confirm your reservation before you show up, as it appears the O-Club and the managers have some bureaucratic comms problems. I've posted a couple of phone pics so you can get an idea of how the park looks with trailers in it.
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