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Maryland 125643
18-26 Sep 2010
(Updated: September 27, 2010)
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If you have a firearm, gate guards will call for an escort to take you to the armory to store the firearm. We use a sediment filter and never noticed any rusty water inside our motorhome, but the filter was unbelievably rust colored in just one week ...far more than when we normally change filters every 4 months. Voltage tended to sag under load, so we were careful to turn off the ac anytime we had any other load on other than a few lights. Could not get satellite TV due to tall trees, but some sites would be ok -- there are a number of local digital OTA stations. WIFI was "down indefinitely," but our Verizon broadband signal was good. We were stationed at Andrews, and have stayed here in the past so knew what to expect ...the best thing about the famcamp is the location. Other than location and price, the famcamp has very little going for it. Unlike most facilities at Andrews, the famcamp is a strong candidate for the worst military campground in existence (...we have been to over 40 around the country).
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