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June 12, 2009
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BUGS, BUGS, BUGS ! ! We were greeted with a massive attack by mosquitoes. Couldn't set up the TT without spraying ourselves with "OFF" and then pretty much had to stay in the camper. It had rained and the roads were full of mud ruts. Our site (B1) had mud holes on either side of it. Some of the other sites were a little better. Fortunately this was just a place to stay a couple of nights to visit our daughter. It has potential but from the looks of the things it gets minimal care and upkeep. It is completely wooded and surround by a lake. I wish I would have had time to go fishing. The showers were clean and were listed as "centrally located", but they were at the entrance of the CG. The CG is adjacent to the Air strip, but it was a fairly quiet weekend. Patuxant River was across from the entrance of the CG and a fishing pier was within walking distance. All in all not a great experience but for $12, you get what you pay for. The dump station 3 miles away gets a B+.
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