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Louisiana 34340
10-13 May 2012
(Updated: May 15, 2012)
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No doubt about it...this is REMOTE CAMPING!!! We made reservations with no problem. Entered the far right gate and proceeded to the Bldg 301 located on the left hand side. Courtney had given us site RV 3. She gave us keys to the gate and electric box. She also gave us a copy of directions (exact mile calculation per turn) and the campground map. The cost of staying was increased to $10 a night. She also informed us that all other reservations cancelled that weekend due to weather moving in. NICE! We traveled down the hardball for about 4.5 miles but it did turn into a gravel road for the last 4 miles. After getting to the site RV 3, we realized that we were on the downslope and that all the RV sites were uneven on the starboard side (right side for you land lovers). We set up our travel trailer by placing a 2X8 under the starboard wheels which almost leveled it. Did a recon of the campground and realized that RV 1 held the high ground and RV 2 appeared the most level. Spent the night with little rain. Next morning we went back to Camp Beauregard and asked to be switched to RV 1 which was granted. After re-establishing camp we explored the lake and surrounding area. You can tell that this place was quite the location back in the day. We were told that we would probably get no TV air waves but we did pick up at least 3 channels. No internet connection at all. Must admit that it was nice to have this campground all to ourselves for three days and the rain was minimal. Great mountain bike roads in local area. Fitness Center on camp was small but functionable with a running/walking course nearby. The museum was OUTSTANDING!
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