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April 7, 2022
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I was traveling east on Hwy 20 and just followed the signs to Barksdale which got us off on exit 23. The commercial gate is not even a mile from the exit. Just wanted to add a comment. There is a comment by 2chiefsrus on May 4, 2021 about the inspection trench that I wish I would have read before I went through the commercial gate. I too have a coach with a toad and there is an obvious difference in the wheel width of the two. Security was helpful enough to line up the coach but didn't really notice or care about the toad. After checking my ID, I started to pull forwarded and immediately left like there was some resistance in moving forward. Turns out, because of the wheel width difference between the coach and the toad, the toad was a bit too far left and the drivers side tires were rubbing against the inspection trench guide rails. Don't know if it would have done a lot of damage if I kept driving nor do I want to think what would have happened if I would have pulled the car over the guide rails and the toad fell into the trench. Anyway, As soon as I felt the resistance, I stopped and went out and looked, noticed the problem right a way and simply had by DW pull the coach forward while I walked next to the toad and steered it over the inspection trench. Easy enough correction if you are aware of it. So if you have a toad, I don't think it's needed to unhook, just make sure to toad is aligned up as well as the coach.
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